The Crony Rich List
There is no rich list.

We wrote one. And then we tore it up.
(A lawyer may also have been involved.)

But you can google the names.
They’re all in the public domain. Conservative party donors and associates have won more than £3 billion in government contracts.

But there’s a far bigger scandal at the heart of British public life today. A system that is enabling these gross abuses of power. The problem is that the normal checks and balances of a healthy democracy are under attack. The problem is that it’s all happening so fast, it’s hard to even keep track.

But that’s what we need to do: keep track. We can’t stop what we can’t even see.

From Voter ID to the reform of judicial review, to a policing bill that threatens to silence legitimate protest, to Covid contracts issued in complete darkness and plans to privatise the NHS, our institutions have never been under such sustained attack.

Which is why we’ve decided to keep the receipts.

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Because if we all stand together, if we all Keep The Receipts, we might just have a chance of holding power to account.

Keeping the receipts